Lengths of things, and what I've read at 10:15am

I sit down to write a story. I tell myself that this is going to be a book. I type up about 3,000 words, then I decide that it's not really working, so I cut it down to a 400 words flash story. I spend 3 days making sure that the 400 words are tight.

I think that for flash fiction to be successful (this probably sounds redundant, but sometimes people need reminding) every single line must be incredible. Think how you work a poem. All lines need to mean something. Have a depth. In longer fiction, say 60,000 words, it's more forgivable if every single line isn't a masterpiece. I had a professor tell me once that novel length works must have at least one or two things that, 'pop' on every page. A paragraph or a sentence that stands out, moves things forward, keeps interest.

10:15am: I've had coffee, and read:
Brandi Wells over at sub-lit. I like her story flouncy.
Matthew Savoca over at robot melon. His story, light, the end times, clue.


mercy said...

i like reading what you think, baby

Ben Spivey said...

I'm really glad you do, thanks.

Brandi Wells said...

i found your blog because i googled myself. hello.