Today I am enjoying a dozen cups of coffee and getting in about an hour worth of writing before I go to work.

I've acquired some new books lately: 'A Scanner Darkly' by Philip K. Dick, 'In Candyland it's cool to feed on your friends' by James Chapman, 'The Long Goodbye' by Raymond Chandler, 'Maltese Falcon' by Dashiell Hammett, and 'Joker' by Brian Azzarello. From Nick Antosca I received a copy of his book 'Fires' as well as some titles from cloverfield press 'Gentleman Reptile' by Henry Baum, 'The Cubist Infant' by Justus Ballard, 'Tony Takitani' by Haruki Murakami, and 'Everything Can Be Beaten' by Chancre Scolex and Crab Scrambly. Looking forward to reading all of these.

Last night I finally got around to reading Sam Pink's ML chap 'Be Nice To Everyone.' It's a good read. It is in the format of a play but I read it as a short film, because I could see the camera panning around the actors, and dramatic cuts from moment to moment.

Also the Hbo mini series 'Generation Kill' is really good.

almost time for work...

oh, i received the final version of my story 'Spleen' and it looks really nice, the editors at Leucrota did a fine job.


today i worked a lot. nothing else happened


I read James Chapman's Ml Press chapbook. Chapman's prose is innovative. Ml Press is here.

Nick Antosca is a really nice guy, check out his books. He blogs here


Morning, a glass door

I won a contest over at HTMLGIANT, which is cool because now I get a free copy of Nick Antosca's new book 'Midnight Picnic' which I cannot wait to read. You can buy the book here or from Amazon, it's cheaper from the publisher though. Also a shout out/ congratulations goes to Ken Baumann for being the other winner, and to all the runners up. So, to HTMLGIANT and to Nick for having/ hosting the contest, thanks.

On the mention of Ken I'd like to say, if you haven't visited his site NO POSIT you should do that.

Blake Butler's novella 'EVER' has almost arrived. You can pre-order it here. I've pre-ordered mine, go get yours. It's only $13.75 including shipping.

Also Jackie Corley seems like a nice person.

Titular-Journal has updated their 'Nine Stories' collective and it is looking really good. Check it out here.

My story 'Spleen' is in a nice anthology with 17 other authors and is available for pre-order here, or you can buy it on Amazon, but it's cheaper directly from the publisher ($11.96 + shipping). I think it will start to ship around December 15th.

Happy holidays.