Free, Free, Free

I am offering a free copy of David Peaks newly released novel The Rocket's Red Glare to the first person that orders his chapbook Museum of Fucked and leaves a comment on this post. You can order it here for $7. I will ship both of the books to you at the same time.

The free book has been given away. Only 5 copies of Museum of Fucked remain for purchase.


Final Fantasy 4 the novel. If you can read Japanese I am jealous.


Spilt Milk has a new story up by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, check out Desmond's recent piece in Diagram here, too.

I picked up Adam Robinson's new book (published by Narrow House), Adam is nice. He's in charge and you might like to read his book.


Two Things

1) Justin Sirois and Haneen Alshujairy are doing this, The Understanding Campaign. Check it out.

2) I was interviewed by Carrie Olivia Adams with The Constant Conversation about Warm Milk Press. Thanks Carrie.


Flowing in the Gossamer Fold

I am sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a black cup of coffee. The mug is a cluster of fucking moose. The coffee steams. I am baking pigs in a blanket. Free Speech, "The People's Darling Privilege" Struggles For Freedom of Expression in American History sits to my right, a cat is at my feet and I am going over the final draft of Gossamer. Everything is coming together.

I've been dreading this moment. Afraid of something, re-reading (I've re-read it a thousand times, revised, edited, etc, but the 'final' time... so dramatic) but to my surprise it's a joy, a blessing. I want to share this with you soon.

+ Ordered some books from Calamari press (they are having a sweet liquidation sale) looking forward to sinking my teeth. Peter Markus and David Ohle.

+ The new Gold Wake Press site looks great, check it out. They also have a print series now with their first book being Zachary C. Bush’s The Silence of Sickness.


Today on Spilt Milk is a piece by Eric Bennett, this starts our Spring issue. Check it out.

+ We only have about 6 remaining copies of our first chapbook, Museum of Fucked by David Peak. If you've even had a passing interest in the book, you should get it before it's gone, forever. This is a limited print. But don't believe me, believe the blurbs.

"The exhibits in Museum offer rare, studied glimpses of a world we too often ignore. We begin with a legless man in a wheelchair, an oncoming bus; we see parking lots filled with broken glass, children, hypodermic needles; a good friend-turned-junkie; a confrontation between strangers at a train stop; and a woman, Marilyn Monroe's daughter, reminds us why we shouldn't close down our mental institutions. This is just the first half of the tour, which in all truth serves to mentally prepare us for the second. When at last we close this book and return, blinking, to our own safe homes, we are, like the brutally rendered poor in David Peak's powerful collection, bare and gasping for release."
--Molly Gaudry, author of
We Take Me Apart

"Museum of Fucked is an implosive and brutal study, the results of which are clear and foreboding: Cruelty exhibited--and the self-protective indifference it inspires--can turn a metropolis into a necropolis. Watch through the window, now. We're almost there."
--Ken Baumann

"David Peak builds people – observing and then rejecting their forms, making them into another or something else entirely. Museum of Fucked is this – the population gone astray and re-rendered in all their frantic delusions, Peak’s sullen thick words, people as they should be written."
--J. A. Tyler, author of Inconceivable Wilson (Scrambler Books, 2009)

"In this offering from David Peak--a writer whose prose and poetry ekes out in the literary world like the good custard at the edge of a cannoli--the narrator comes to a central truth about his Chicago (and dare I say our) world: all its collective elements, 'they are small and unmanageable.' From the fat, baseball bat-wielding child-tormentor to the homeless guy waving a morning 'god bless,' so too does the prose of this chap wave a dream your way. Tame it; I dare you."
--Jamie Iredell, author of
Prose. Poems. Novel.

"Beautifully brutal and written in a simple and clear style, Museum rings true of Oscar Wilde, that we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.'"
--Shane Jones, author of
The Failure Six

"If we build museums to remember who we were--and who we wish we had been--what then to make of David Peak's Museum of Fucked, with its curated Chicago grit, its exhibitions of human failure collected on the city's streets and pressed flat between these pages? One read is all it takes to see how Peak's specimens resist the pin and prick of his sharp, clipped language, so that always they threaten to escape his control, to leap from their paragraphs and back into our lives. This is book as museum, sure, but also as emergency siren, as distress beacon, as a warning to be ignored at our own peril."
--Matt Bell, author of How They Were Found and The Collectors

"'I am not a bad person,' becomes a brief refrain in David Peak's slim, messed up bloodblister of a text. In the spare repetition, and in the clean and brutal sentences of Museum of Fucked, a guilt is hiding, a paranoia. The streets are no longer safe for cats, nor is Craigslist, nor is the whitespace of the mind behind the mind all here throughout: a sublime and eeriely pleasing emotional amalgam that makes Peak's freakshit calmly scream: not toward you, as a reader, but into: like a bullet sent through skin in one hole, then once entered, split in ten. Watch out."
--Blake Butler, author of Scorched Atlas

You can get your here for $7, while they last.


The last piece in Spilt Milk's Winter issue is up today, here.

The Spring issue will start soon.


I feel like this came out of nowhere. I just ordered my copy from Keyhole Press, it's limited edition in print until March 21st, and only $8. Comes with an audio download and a $3 off coupon for Matt Bell's upcoming How They Were Found, too.

What a great cover.

Spilt Milk

We're about to wrap up the Winter issue of Spilt Milk, the Spring issue will begin shortly thereafter.

You can send submissions to warmmilkpress@yahoo.com if you want. We're rolling.
Picked up some new books over the weekend--

Motorman by David Ohle
Good, Brother & The Singing Fish by Peter Markus

Looking forward to devouring them.


I guess it might actually happen. Steven Spielberg has been wanting to make Ghost in the Shell into a live action film forever. I saw Ghost in the Shell for the first time some fifteen years ago. I fell in love with the movie, it's still one of my favorites. The original movie was directed by Mamoru Oshii (1996) and based on the manga series of the same name created by Masamune Shirow.

Laeta Kalogridis is writing the live action script. She also wrote the script for Shutter Island.

Kalogridis told (UGO.com last month) "I can say that Ghost in the Shell was a seminal visual experience. It has spawned so much amazing — not just direct stuff, like the television series — but The Matrix and the evolution of cyberpunk. For me, it is an meaningful as [William Gibson's] Neuromancer."

This is probably going to suck a lot.


Finished reading Everything here is the best thing ever by Justin Taylor.

Everything here is the best thing ever is a collection of 15 short stories. Taylor's prose is beautiful, smart, and lasting. I became attached to Taylor's characters quickly and deeply-- that's the beauty of these stories, the character's depth. Some of the highlights of the book for me were the stories, Tetris, Tennessee, The Jealousy Angels, and What Was All Once Yours. My least favorite story was Jewels Flashing in the Night of Time.


P.H. Madore reviewed David Peak's Museum of Fucked.
-Thanks P.H.


The new issue of The Chapbook Review is out, you can read it here. The issue has a slew of interviews, reviews, and goodness. Matt DeBenedictis graciously reviewed Warm Milk Presses first title Museum of Fucked (we have about 5 copies left) in which he said, "The people who live in Peak’s Museum of Fucked have nothing left but desperate moves, and are like those low-priced items that haven’t had value since they were stolen the third time." You can read the entire review in the issue if you want. Thanks Matt.

Spilt Milk has been updated.

Calamari Press is selling things.

It is March.