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An excerpt from Lepers and Mannequins by Eric Beeny is now up at Spilt Milk. Also, Museum of Fucked by David Peak is available for pre-order here. Warm Milk Press has teamed up with J.A. Tyler and ml press to give away 10 copies of Museum of Fucked to the first 10 people who sign up for the 2010 mlp chapbook series. As I write this there are only two Museum of Fucked books still available for this special offer with mlp.

Museum of Fucked will ship early 2010.

Spread the word. The book is limited.


The Warm Milk Printing Press is now online. Things are happening. We have big plans.

Thanks to everyone who provided blurbs for our first chapbook Museum of Fucked, by David Peak. Museum of Fucked is available to pre-order for $7. The chapbooks are handmade with love and care and extra things too.

Spilt Milk, the online portion of warm milk, will launch this Sunday. Split Milk is open for submissions.

It's cold.
The first issue of Super Arrow is live. You can read it here. Three chapters of my unpublished novella Flowing in the Gossamer Fold are included in the issue.


SuperArrow is having a release party tomorrow at Stirrup Pants. Some of the contributors will be reading. Some other people might be doing other things too. Food? Drinks? Maybe, I don't know, but probably. I won't be there. I don't live near St. Louis, Missouri, but if I did I would go. You should go if you can. I think that the first issue comes out tomorrow, or sometime close to that.


Tomorrow, if you're in Atlanta, Jim Crace is reading at Georgia State University (See the above picture). It is free.

His novel, Being Dead, is brutal.

-Why do we write?
-Who do we write for?


If you're in Atlanta, there's a reading at Beep Beep Gallery with Heather Christle and Chris Deweese.

I'm happy to have a piece coming out in Abjective. Read Abjective, if you don't already.


The new Thirst For Fire is out, you can read it here.


+Interview: Blake Butler is now up at Writers' Bloc.net, thanks Vaughan. Thanks Blake.

+Good news: Super Arrow is about to fly high, October 30th is the debut issue. They're having a launch party Friday, October 30, 2009 - 8PM at Stirrup Pants (Your Saturday Chapbook Shop) 2122 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, Missouri. If you're in the area you should check it out. They're having readings and music and other things too.

+Issue 22 of the BluePrintReview is up, it's an interesting issue, all of the stories, images and poems are reprints.


1) Shane Jones mentioned Museum of Fucked by David Peak (Warm Milk Press's first book) in his recent blog post, as a book he's looking forward to. Shane read an earlier version of David's manuscript and was kind enough to provide a blurb for it, thanks Shane

We're very excited about printing David's story up and getting it into people's hands.

Submissions for the online journal, Spilt Milk, are open (I know I sound like a broken record) warmmilkpress@yahoo.com

The Warm Milk Printing Press website will probably launch late November early December.

2) J.A. Tyler did an interview with The Faster Times. It's a great interview. Tyler mentioned Warm Milk Press and David's book, thanks J.A.

3) I'm very excited about Super Arrow. I've been excited about Super Arrow for months now. I first read about them on Shane Jones blog sometime back in July. Amanda Goldblatt is the founder/ editor (here's a story she wrote).

Super Arrow's submission guidelines allow up to 12,000 words, so I sent Amanda about 12,000 words from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold. I thought: What the hell, why now? I've been checking duotrope almost everyday in anticipation of when I could maybe expect a response (I don't always do this I swear, but duotrope is crack).

So, the other day I received the response, my heart raced a little. Among other things Amanda said that she loved the work and that my "writing is strange and intuitive and lush," this made me smile, thanks Amanda.

Since the piece I sent her was very close to 12,000 words, and was an excerpt, she asked me if I could further excerpt the submission into 2 or 3 smaller excerpts. Which I understood and thought was a good idea.

I sent back about 3,000 words of what is my favorite excerpt from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold. It's the most complete excerpt too. What I mean is, I'm finished with the novella, and this excerpt is part of that. (I have not heard back about this re-excerpted excerpt yet, but I hope it works out fine)

I don't think I'm going to be submitting anymore of it as parts.

4) I'm sick.