I watched Solaris. It's worth seeing. I like the writing and the atmosphere. I feel very tired. Work and school are very draining. I've been reading a lot more lately. Writing pretty steadily.

"We don't want other worlds, we want mirrors."


Everyone in this

This morning I finished reading EVERYONE IN THIS IS EITHER DYING OR WILL DIE OR IS THINKING OF DEATH by J.A Tyler printed by Achilles Press. It's a good collection of short and flash stories. The style is cutting, unique, abstract, and poignant.


Shit Man

I was walking on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta. I was on my way to a brunch at some fancy restaurant. The brunch only cost twenty five cents for all you can eat, a minimum of two drinks- a mimosa or a bloody mary- was supposed to be met but not necessary. They called it a 'bailout brunch'. The brunch started at 12:30. A lengthy line built up waiting for the door to open. I was near the front when this homeless guy- standing about fifteen feet from me- in a steadfast, unashamed, feverish-manner dropped his pants exposing his entire package, balls, penis, and whatever else- began to take a piss. A cop from inside the place ran him off; the homeless man said something inaudible, the cop responded "no shit."

An hour later I finished eating.

I made my way through the sea of wealthy looking people and went outside.

On the trek back to the car my friend suddenly said, "watch out for that," I stepped in something slippery, "shit," he concluded. Across the street the same homeless man who showed off his penis and balls was laughing hysterical. He proclaimed with excitement, "you stepped in my shit man!" I dragged my foot on the street, in grass, in puddles, and gravel making sure to get all that crap off.

Twenty minuets later I was drinking coffee, beer, and looking at Salvador Dali's art.



Blake Butler's novella EVER has arrived and can be ordered from Calamari Press here.



Today I got around to reading 'Our Beloved 26th' by Riley Michael Parker printed by Future Tense Press and I can sadistically say it is worth your $3. In short the 34 page chap is kind of insane. Find out for yourself.

I'd like to point out/ shout out, whatever: Achilles Chapbook Series as it publishes good stuff and deserves attention, your money, and maybe your soul.


issue six of Robot Melon is up



I like Richard Linklater. I've seen seen a couple of his movies over the years 'Waking Life,' 'A Scanner Darkly,' 'Slacker,' and last night I watched 'Before Sunrise,' and 'Before Sunset' which I probably enjoyed the most. His writing is very good, thought provoking, and natural.