Numbered Things

1) The Decatur Book Festival is this weekend. If you're in the Atlanta area you should come out.


2) My good friends over at Safety Third Enterprises published a chapbook of poetry by Tom Cheshire.

Here's what Scott McClanahan said about it: “I typically hate poets for a number of reasons. 1.) They smell funny. 2.) They spread venereal diseases. 3.) They usually have the personalities of mold and could care less about flesh. Tom Cheshire is not a poet. He is a goddamn human being who writes beautiful words. These are poems that make feasts of this life, invite you to orgies, and provide penicillin for the horrible plagues that are inside of us all. If you don’t read these poems you’ll probably get cancer, or at least fifteen years bad luck. Go ahead. Do it. Read them. Your loins and your spirit will thank you. I haven’t felt this strong in years.”


3) Blue Square Press catalog has been updated.

-Flowing in the Gossamer Fold: by Ben Spivey
-Theater-State: by Jack Boettcher
-fuckscapes: by Sean Kilpatrick (12/2011)
-Stab Pyramid (limited ed. of 100): by Sean Kilpatrick & Blake Butler (12/2011
-Slow Slidings: by M. Kitchell (2012)
-Irritant: by Darby Larson (2012)

I couldn't be happier with the new additions.



Two More Days of Open Submissions & Newscapes

Blue Square Press will be accepting manuscripts for about 2 more days.
This has been an amazing month for us, not only has Jack Boettcher's Theater-State started to make waves but the pre-orders for Kilpatrick's fuckscapes and the limited edition chapbook Stab Pyramid have hit high gear.

There's been a lot of pre-press for fuckscapes which I am grateful for, thank you. Mentions at Outsider Writers Collective, Annalemma, Montevidayo and HTMLGIANT.


From Annalemma, "I have it on good authority Bluesquare is going to be the best new weird/boutique publisher in the next couple years."

Fuckscapes by Sean Kilpatrick

Over the weekend we started taking pre-orders for a Deluxe Limited Edition of Sean Kilpatrick's fuckscapes.

I will explain what this means. It's deluxe because it includes not only fuckscapes but also a beautiful hand sewn chapbook that Sean co-wrote with Blake Butler. The chapbook is called STAB PYRAMID and it's only available to the first 100 people who place a pre-order, limited.

Pre-orders are going fast. I hate to be pushy so I won't say anything else I'll just let you read these blurbs:

The violent, sexual zone of television and entertainment is made to saturate that safe-haven, the American Family. The result is a zone of violent ambience, a ‘fuckscape’: where every object or word can be made to do horrific acts. As when torturers use banal objects on its victims, it is the most banal objects that become the most horrific (and hilarious) in Sean Kilpatrick’s brilliant first book.

- Johannes Goransson, author of A New Quarantine Will Take My Place

-“Pregnancy dream of poetry has this Sean Kilpatrick book by the fist. You learn to signal to others from the woken state, here, line-by-line. Do you have any extra money? Buy this book! If you have to skip lunch, buy THIS BOOK! “I held my breath so hard I ended up in the country.” Some poetry you read is forgotten, and never remembered. Some poetry, this poetry, Sean Kilpatrick’s poetry, is a manual for exciting the engine to throw you out of the vanquished pleasures. Here is your I.V. drip of sphinx’s blood.”

- CAConrad, author of The Book of Frank


1. Theater-State release at Lemuria Books in Mississippi went off without a hitch. That's a nice bookstore. My first time there. First time meeting Jack. Dark light-less dirt road. Running horses at unknown noise. Newspaper delivered at 3AM terrified drunk off champagne. Talked some shit.

2. Reading Sean Kilpatrick's story Hubby from No Colony #1 over and over.

3. God defining surprise for December 2011. Involving words that might as well be geography.


Taking a Coffee

I received a bag of David Lynch Signature Cup Organic House Blend.


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