Numbered Things

1) The Decatur Book Festival is this weekend. If you're in the Atlanta area you should come out.


2) My good friends over at Safety Third Enterprises published a chapbook of poetry by Tom Cheshire.

Here's what Scott McClanahan said about it: “I typically hate poets for a number of reasons. 1.) They smell funny. 2.) They spread venereal diseases. 3.) They usually have the personalities of mold and could care less about flesh. Tom Cheshire is not a poet. He is a goddamn human being who writes beautiful words. These are poems that make feasts of this life, invite you to orgies, and provide penicillin for the horrible plagues that are inside of us all. If you don’t read these poems you’ll probably get cancer, or at least fifteen years bad luck. Go ahead. Do it. Read them. Your loins and your spirit will thank you. I haven’t felt this strong in years.”


3) Blue Square Press catalog has been updated.

-Flowing in the Gossamer Fold: by Ben Spivey
-Theater-State: by Jack Boettcher
-fuckscapes: by Sean Kilpatrick (12/2011)
-Stab Pyramid (limited ed. of 100): by Sean Kilpatrick & Blake Butler (12/2011
-Slow Slidings: by M. Kitchell (2012)
-Irritant: by Darby Larson (2012)

I couldn't be happier with the new additions.


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