Lengths of things, and what I've read at 10:15am

I sit down to write a story. I tell myself that this is going to be a book. I type up about 3,000 words, then I decide that it's not really working, so I cut it down to a 400 words flash story. I spend 3 days making sure that the 400 words are tight.

I think that for flash fiction to be successful (this probably sounds redundant, but sometimes people need reminding) every single line must be incredible. Think how you work a poem. All lines need to mean something. Have a depth. In longer fiction, say 60,000 words, it's more forgivable if every single line isn't a masterpiece. I had a professor tell me once that novel length works must have at least one or two things that, 'pop' on every page. A paragraph or a sentence that stands out, moves things forward, keeps interest.

10:15am: I've had coffee, and read:
Brandi Wells over at sub-lit. I like her story flouncy.
Matthew Savoca over at robot melon. His story, light, the end times, clue.



Recently I've been reading some really great sites and stories here:
Sub-lit. No-Posit. Titular Journal.
My good friend Jennifer Jackson just had a story published at Titular, read it if you like, also the great works of Butler, Baumann, and Pink are on Titular too.


Pre-order no colony because it will be good. I've secured mine, go get yours.


no posit

Check out No Posit if you haven't, online fiction at its finest.


tech news

Cyberpunk reality, news
Computers to be powered by dna


New micro story of mine is up at seventy two words


A story of mine called Brave New World (yes that's Huxley, just check out the site) was published today at Titular Journal. Go read it. It's a really great website with a unique idea.


Scientists confirm that parts of early genetic life may have come from the stars


Thomas M. Disch

Thomas M. Disch is dead. He committed suicide on July 4th 2008.


first post

This is my first post. I'm sitting at a glowing computer, I'm tired, sleepless and restless. Wish me luck.