Flowing in the Gossamer Fold arrived.

The books arrived yesterday.

I drove to my parents' house to pick them up.

It was night. As soon as I pulled into the driveway my parents stepped out of a side door into the garage. The brown boxes unopened on the concrete where the post person left them.

My dad said they were heavy, and helped me take one of the boxes into the kitchen. I had to use the restroom, so I did. Walking down the hallway of my parents' home, everything was sideways with excitement. I washed my hands. Back into the kitchen with their beaming faces. I cut open a box with my pocket knife.

Each of us held a book in some sort of moment that might never happen again, that same feeling. My mom said that she he was proud of me, so did my dad.

I said that I wanted to write something nice in their copies, but I'm not sure what yet.

My dad said that he would take it to work with him and read it. I gave them hugs. My dad helped me carry the boxes to my car. We put them on the floor, and in the seats, like children and animals.

They watched me back out of the driveway. The spotlight that always gathered bugs, gathered bugs.
It was a long drive home. I touched one of the books while I drove, put it in my lap. I decided that one was mine. I did not listen to music, only the air against the driver-side window.

I am packing up all of the preorders, they will be in the mail soon. I am excited for people to have them and too read them. Thank you to everyone who's been supportive already. Thank you to David McNamara and Chi Birmingham for making such a beautiful book. And thank you to David Peak for taking this text (that I first sent to him over a year ago) and believing in it enough to make all of this happen. Thank you.

You can now order the book directly from Blue Square Press.

Coffee this morning was smooth and delicious.



SlEEPiNGFISH is open to submissions for issue iX.

Summer of Mooney


Dear Esteemed Umpires of Taste,

We want to make Summer 2010 the Summer of Mooney. To do this, we will be offering different promotional gifts each month leading up to the official grand release (July, August, September)…starting now!

In July, if you purchase a copy of the physical book directly from Sator Press you will also receive a copy of the absolutely bonkers unabridged audio book extravaganza free of charge. To hear a sample of the audio book, click here. Come August, this deal will end and a different promotional gift will take its place.

Keep in mind, the book is currently available at a reduced price until the official grand release on 10/05/10. This means you can get your hands on the book right now for less than you will pay for it on Amazon come October.

Already, we’re hearing great things about The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney:

*Recently named as a Readers’ Favorite at The Huffington Post

*Dennis Cooper named it an early contender for Best of 2010

*And early responses are calling it:

“an incredible piece of work”
--Darby Larson, The Collagist

“a playful, tender, intellectually challenging, and funny novel”
--Josh Cook, The Huffington Post

“hands down, the most stunning piece of metafictional writing I’ve ever held in my hands”
--Renko Heuer, Lodown Magazine

Please take this opportunity to get your copy now, and help us spread the word by posting about The Summer of Mooney on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or on a website to which you contribute, and/or emailing people, and/or discussing it with friends, family members, or strangers at the grocery store.

Thank you, thank you!

Most warmly,
Chris & Ken
I know that this is a couple of days old but I just got around to reading it. It's very insightful. Shane Jones & Adam Robinson talk at BOMBLOG.


Kevin Sampsell wrote about his time in Atlanta--reading at Solar Anus, etc.

And read a review of his memoir, A Common Pornography, at Atlanta's Creative Loafing.

Dead Space. Martyr by Brian Evenson.

I enjoyed the video game Dead Space. And I'm probably going to enjoy the Dead Space novel, too. Enjoy a video game novel? Yeah. Why? Because it's written by Brian Evenson and it's called Martyr.

The video game revolves around a religion called Unitology. The followers of the massive religion believe that the Marker (a divine relic) will bring about eternal life. "The Church is noted for having many cult like features including ritual sacrifices and mass suicides" (via Dead Space Wiki). Sounds like a good world for Evenson to play in doesn't it? I thought so. Not to mention that the man who created Unitology is named Michael Altman. Altmann's tongue? Coincidence? Probably not, but still.

“One of the most compelling storytelling aspects of Dead Space has been the Church of Unitology: its origins, power, and role in Dead Space,” says Tor editor, Eric Raab. “Writer B.K. Evenson gets into the terrifying aspects of mob mentality like no other writer today. This isn’t only a great story within the Dead Space universe; it’s a great novel on its own.” (Via Kotaku).

The novel is being published by Tor Books and should be available soon (listed with a 7/20 release date on Macmillan).


The first review of Flowing in the Gossamer Fold

is by Caleb Ross at Outsider Writers Collective.


Kevin Sampsell, Frayn Masters and I are reading at Beep Beep Gallery tonight 8PM (696 Charles Allen Drive). Hosted by Solar Anus.

And tomorrow I am reading with J. Bradley and Matt DeBenedictis at MINT 8PM (684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE, Suite B).


There Is No Year by Blake Butler


"A wildly inventive, impressionistic novel of family, sickness, and the birth-wrench of art, evocative of House of Leaves and the films of David Lynch, from a novelist rapidly emerging as one of the voices of his generation. As the Toronto Globe and Mail says, 'If the distortion and feedback of Butler's intense riffing is too loud, you may very well be too boring.'"

I am looking forward to this like Daniel Day Lewis wears a mustache.


the CORDUROY MTN. print issue # 2

the CORDUROY MTN. print issue # 2

"Corduroy Mtn. once again unleashes the beast this time under the cloak of darkness and fog. Wrapped up in a blanket and left on your doorstep after a nine month wait, our second print issue, filled with an array of eclectic luminaries we've come to adore and respect, springs from the basket and attaches itself firmly to your bosom. Will the moon rise? Will the earth give way? Will lava spill on the carpet? Will there be a third issue? We'll never say never."

The contributors are: jeff alessandrelli, ivy alvarez, eric amling, peter berghoef, jimmy chen, jennifer denrow, sasha fletcher, emily kendal frey, garth graeper, matthew hittinger, judson hamilton, charles lennox, john madera, nate slawson, ben spivey, j.a. tyler, john dermot woods &
brennen wysong.

The book is $7 (printed in an initial run of 100) or it comes free if you order two other Greying Ghost titles.

I am very excited to be included in this collection. My contribution is a slightly altered excerpt from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold (which is on schedule to ship at the beginning of August, and can still be pre-ordered).


Midnight Picnic by Nick Antosca

I read Midnight Picnic at the beginning of 2009 and its stuck with me since. Some of the scenes play on repeat in my mind, daily. The book is fantastic, and yesterday it won The Shirley Jackson award for best novella. You can buy the book from Word Riot Press. Antosca also has a new story at n+1 entitled Predator Bait, check it out.


In celebration of Independence Day, why not support the independent press? At Emerging Writers Network Dan Wickett has collected a generous list of publishers with that you can choose from.

I ordered Catalpa by Amanda Goldblatt.

(This list could be infinite, but sometimes you have to make choices). I recommend WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED by Sasha Fletcher. And one of my all time favorite books, Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz.