the CORDUROY MTN. print issue # 2

the CORDUROY MTN. print issue # 2

"Corduroy Mtn. once again unleashes the beast this time under the cloak of darkness and fog. Wrapped up in a blanket and left on your doorstep after a nine month wait, our second print issue, filled with an array of eclectic luminaries we've come to adore and respect, springs from the basket and attaches itself firmly to your bosom. Will the moon rise? Will the earth give way? Will lava spill on the carpet? Will there be a third issue? We'll never say never."

The contributors are: jeff alessandrelli, ivy alvarez, eric amling, peter berghoef, jimmy chen, jennifer denrow, sasha fletcher, emily kendal frey, garth graeper, matthew hittinger, judson hamilton, charles lennox, john madera, nate slawson, ben spivey, j.a. tyler, john dermot woods &
brennen wysong.

The book is $7 (printed in an initial run of 100) or it comes free if you order two other Greying Ghost titles.

I am very excited to be included in this collection. My contribution is a slightly altered excerpt from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold (which is on schedule to ship at the beginning of August, and can still be pre-ordered).


Eric Beeny said...

Sweet, Big Congrats, Ben...

Ben Spivey said...

Thanks Eric. Corduroy is consistently solid.