Off to the printer

Pre-Orders for Flowing in the Gossamer Fold are in their last days.

I want to echo a sentiment I read on Shane Jones blog back in the day (before Light Boxes shipped)-- he posted something about how lucky and happy he would be if even 100 people bought Light Boxes.

I too, would be lucky and happy.

And for so many reasons I am grateful to everyone who has supported this before it exists as an object.

Thank you, thank you.

Gary Lutz



I am currently reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami.

Have you read it?

I've read several of Murakami's books and there are some definite things that he likes to repeat in his stories, some of those things are jazz music, cats, and the descriptions of foods and meals.

So I've decided to cook my way through The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

I didn't decide this until page 25 so I'll need to go back, make, and eat whatever foods are described in those first few pages.

The first dish I made is from page 25: "Not that I had any great feast in mind: I would be stir frying thin slices of beef, onions, green peppers, and bean sprouts with a little salt, pepper, soy sauce, and a splash of beer--a recipe from my single days. The rice was done, the miso soup was warm, and the vegetables were all sliced and arranged in separate piles in a large dish..."

I went to the store and bought what I needed. Prep time was about 10 minutes, cutting the onion and pepper, setting the water for the rice to boil. I stir-fried the sliced beef (kept moist with an initial dash of water, and oil, the beer and soy sauce were added near the end for flavor), sliced peppers, sliced onions (cook until they look clear), and the bean sprouts (added at the very end).

The rice took about 20 minutes to cook. The miso soup was instant out of a packet.

The total cook time was about 45 minutes.

It was delicious.


I like Amanda Goldblatt. You can buy her book from The Cupboard for $5.


I read Sasha Fletcher's book WHEN ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. It was satisfying like magic. I liked the fires, the birds, the oceans. I really liked the second paragraph on page 55. You should buy it, and you can, from MLP, here.
I'm a little late to this but over at Big Other is a fantastic (ongoing) series about Frank Miller's Batman.
A new issue of Black Warrior Review exists. I saw it today at the bookstore, I picked it up, sat down in a chair, and read a story by Jack Boettcher and a poem by Christopher DeWeese, I really enjoyed both. Check it out.


It will be here soon. Don't forget to get a signed copy.

reading submissions in August.

Read up.


Spread the word.
A review of David Peak's Rocket's Red Glare over at Ball State University's site.
What do you do next?



The Mighty Arrow

Super Arrow issue 2 is now live, here. It is massive with: Colin Bassett, Barron T. Byrnes, Chris Dennis, Scott Ogilvie, Micah Bateman, Amy David, Phil Estes, Eileen G'Sell, MC Hyland, Becca Klaver, Colby Somerville, Raven Francis, & Angela Zammarelli.

There's also a conversation between Jaffa Aharonov, Joe Collins, Roxane Gay, Maggie Ginestra, Kyle Winkler, & myself about creative communities.

Super Arrow is awesome.

My book is coming along. I've spent the weekend looking at proofs. It's going to look great.

I live in a sand pit, metaphorically.


I have a guest post over at Big Other. Thanks John.

Big news:
MLP will be releasing a two volume set of the Lamination Colony archives. Awesome.