May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper passed away today at the age of 74.

He was an actor, a director and an artist. Some of his films include Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, and Blue Velvet.

He was born in Dodge City, Kansas, May 17, 1936.

He died in a suburb of Los Angeles today due to complications from prostate cancer.



Know any books that have a heavy element of paranoia?

My book is on goodreads even though it's not out yet, but when it is out (and if you have goodreads) you can give it some stars if you want. I would like it if you did. It will be out soon. Maybe by July. Here's to July. If you pre-order it I will be happy and send an extra something.

Should I have a goodreads? Do you?

+ Audri Sousa, has a new book out, Caspian Quilt from Bedouin Books.

Champagne rectum.

Paranoia like when you read A Scanner Darkly, you can feel Philip K. Dick's personal fear in that novel. Fear like that. Paranoia like that.


I've decided that I'm going to try to get into a MFA program.


I'm looking into freelance video game journalism.

Looking into marketing.

Book reviewing.

Looking into hospital work.

Writing stories but not submitting.

Working on Blue Square Press.

Looking for readings in the South around August-November of this year. Let me know if you can help with that.

People with cats:

Haruki Murakami is almost my favorite.

Make me feel different.



I recently graduated college with a Bachelors in Arts degree in Journalism. Now I am looking for a job. Looking for a job is a full time job. I am also looking at MFA programs, freelance work, etc. Let me know if you know anything.

The Secret in Their Eyes is a fantastic movie. I saw it the other night and really enjoyed the pace, atmosphere and dialogue.


I moved into a new home. Packed books, clothes, books. I have a lot of books and not much else, a couple of shirts. Moving can feel scary, is scary. New rooms, ceilings, floors, rooms again. I have a lot of dusty graphic novels. Looking through them reminded me that Frank Miller used to be awesome: Sin City, Hard Boiled, Dark Knight, Ronin. And Geoff Darrow's art is insane. I used to read Fables. Fables was fantastic. Comics are an expensive habit, can't keep it up anymore. I was obsessed with Warren Ellis. I read Crooked Little Vein. I received the first proof of my book the other day, it's going to be about 140 pages, probably a little longer. I wondered how typed pages translated into print and formation. Now I know.



Advance praise for Flowing in the Gossamer Fold:

“In mental maps made of out of milk and hair, Ben Spivey negotiates the slick space between our dirt and air. ‘You can’t count on things to stay how you expect,’ a man’s lover tells him just after handing him a bag of her pubic hair and turning into a kind of bird. It is warning meant for him and anybody expecting any less than magic in the lean, prismatic, calming barrage of Spivey’s sentences and rooms and hours, built on the all too rare commodity of heart.”

–Blake Butler, author of EVER and Scorch Atlas

Pre-Order here.

Have you read Butler's new story at New Dead Families? You should.

Warm Milk Presses first chapbook, David Peak's "freakshit" Museum of Fucked is now sold out. We've been hard at work on our next chapbook, ZZZZZZZZZZZ [the stars] by J.A Tyler (in collaboration with Greying Ghost, New Lights Press, The Collagist, and Pangur Ban Party) for May 2011.

Spilt Milk will be back soon. We're probably going print. Stay tuned. Submissions will probably open sometime this year.

Going to watch 60 writers/60 places tonight.

I watched Zach Schomburg read tonight and ended up buying both of his books. Really impressive live performance. He's doing a huge tour thing so check his blog and see if he's going to be near you.


Caleb J Ross over at the Outsider Writers Collective has written the first review for Flowing in the Gossamer Fold. Thank you Caleb.


Kafka esque game: Blueberry Garden.


"Ben Spivey’s alluringly melodial debut novel of a marriage gone asunder unreels itself with the indisputable logic of dreams and delivers, along its phantasmagoric and dazing way, emotional clarities that feel entirely new."

-–Gary Lutz

You can pre-order Flowing in the Gossamer Fold for $14 (including shipping) from Blue Square Press. Help spread the word. Thanks.

All of this is surreal. surreal. surreal.


The lovely editor of Super Arrow posted about Flowing in the Gossamer Fold over at the Super Arrow blog, check it out.

I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic book series-- written by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore-- and it's coming to AMC as a TV series.

Via [Sci Fi Wire]


New blurb and,

“Part Jungian allegory, part surreal dreamscape, part Odyssean tramp, Ben Spivey’s Flowing in the Gossamer Fold is a romp through distorted time in a landscape carved by sudden oceans built from perpetual rain, where a cityscape has sidewalks littered with disappearing sages, and an edenic forest is graffitied with the father’s word. The sentences of Malcolm Blackburn’s midlife crisis are charged with the energy of a young man—the young man who penned this fucked up vision of pain and forgiveness, of what is ultimately the lesson of life: it’s beautiful, and it sucks.”

-Jamie Iredell, author of Prose. Poems. a Novel., and The Book of Freaks


Iredell's The Book of Freaks is forthcoming from Future Tense Books sometime this year, look for it.

Really excited about the upcoming Mud Luscious releases of Ben Brooks Island of Fifty and Sasha Fletcher's When All Our Days Are Numbered coming out next month.

Blue Square Press will be reading manuscripts in August. Take that anyway you want.

I've decided that in addition to signing all of the pre-orders for Flowing in the Gossamer Fold that I'll include a torn out page or two from the journals I wrote in while working on the novel.

Matt DeBenedictis, J. Bradley and I will be reading in Atlanta mid-July, more about that as the plan develops.


Some chatter about Flowing in the Gossamer Fold at Annalemma (Thank you Chris) & Big Other (Thank you Roxane).