Advance praise for Flowing in the Gossamer Fold:

“In mental maps made of out of milk and hair, Ben Spivey negotiates the slick space between our dirt and air. ‘You can’t count on things to stay how you expect,’ a man’s lover tells him just after handing him a bag of her pubic hair and turning into a kind of bird. It is warning meant for him and anybody expecting any less than magic in the lean, prismatic, calming barrage of Spivey’s sentences and rooms and hours, built on the all too rare commodity of heart.”

–Blake Butler, author of EVER and Scorch Atlas

Pre-Order here.

Have you read Butler's new story at New Dead Families? You should.

Warm Milk Presses first chapbook, David Peak's "freakshit" Museum of Fucked is now sold out. We've been hard at work on our next chapbook, ZZZZZZZZZZZ [the stars] by J.A Tyler (in collaboration with Greying Ghost, New Lights Press, The Collagist, and Pangur Ban Party) for May 2011.

Spilt Milk will be back soon. We're probably going print. Stay tuned. Submissions will probably open sometime this year.

Going to watch 60 writers/60 places tonight.

I watched Zach Schomburg read tonight and ended up buying both of his books. Really impressive live performance. He's doing a huge tour thing so check his blog and see if he's going to be near you.

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