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I went to my mailbox and to my surprise it contained a nice neat package from Publishing Genius; Justin Sirois's new book Mlkng Sckls. The book is a beauty. It's a nice size, the cover, the back, and the inside are all gorgeous.


'a field of colors,' by Charles Lennox is a moving, fluxing chapbook, printed by MLP, and it's free for the month of June. You can get it here. The short story is about growing up, leaving, coming, going, being, staying and losing. Here is a tiny excerpt: 'At my field. A field of chairs. I sit in every one.'

Currently 381 copies have been mailed.

Lennox blogs here.
MLP is here and here


Order Justin Sirois's new book 'Mlkng Sckls' from PGP. It's only$8 and you'll probably like it.
Murakami's new book 1Q84 was released in Japan a few days ago. It's somewhere around 1000 pages. I hope it's translated into English. I don't see why it wouldn't be.

About two years ago I met Robert Venditti who wrote the comic 'The Surrogates' -the comic is well written and worth your time- and now it's being made or is almost finished being made into a movie starring Bruce Willis. I'm not sold on the movie yet, but I'll probably check it out, and I wish/ hope the best for it. When I talked to Venditti it was mentioned that he wasn't making much money, or that comic book writing wasn't very lucrative, well I guess that's changed, at least for him.

I watched 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' the other day, it was alright. The dual narrative removed me from the part of the story I cared about.

Before that I watched 'El Topo,' which was better.

Then I watched 'Lost Highway.' Gary Busey. Richard Pryor.