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The listing for the upcoming anthology I am in is here. At the link there are excerpts from a few of the 18 stories in the anthology (my story does not have an excerpt). The anthology is expected to be available December 15th.

With nothing happening because I'm stranded due to the lack of available gas where I live, this is what I've been doing:

Wuthering Heights: just finished it for the second time a few days ago. It is a good read and has a lot of depth to it.
The House of Mirth: about 3/4 through this one and I like it. Social commentary galore

The Wire: renting the seasons, currently on season 4.

W.H. Auden: Reading his selected poetry. Auden likes spies. I like Auden.


stray thoughts 9/25/08

No Posit volume 3 is live here. Give it a look.

'Writer' is not a title that you can give to yourself. It's something given when other people acknowledge you as such.

I will siphon your gas from your car.


Red Shift is live

My story Red Shift is up at 365 Tomorrows give it a look, you might like it. I am very fond of this story. I worked on it for a couple of months, and I'm proud to have it displayed and archived at 365.


cover art

This is tentatively the cover for the Abaculus anthology 2008 edition in which my story 'Spleen' appears.

According to Leucrota Press's new blog the cover art is still a "work in progress" saying, "we’re still working out the color scheme and fonts, as well as the font placement and back matter, but this gives you an idea."

It looks like the Leucrota publishing house is doing an excellent job with their 2008 anthology. If interested, the 2007 edition of the anthology can be purchased from Amazon here, or directly from the publisher here. You can look for the 2008 edition sometime in December. I'll keep you updated.


365 tomorrows

Today I was notified that in the next couple of days a story of mine will be on the front page of 365 tomorrows. 365 is a fantastic site, check it out if you get a chance.


stray thoughts

Japan sounds nice.
Gas prices are not high enough.
I will never leave my house again.
Heathcliff is a vampire, I know this because I travel in time.
Reading Bradbury's, 'The Martian Chronicles.'



something that doesn't suck and involves Bruce Sterling: ectoplasm



I want this (mini notebook) so I can type easier on the go: acer aspire one
The damn things are hard to find at the moment.


recommended viewing: THX 1138
atmospheric, deep, engaging, moving.