Dead Space. Martyr by Brian Evenson.

I enjoyed the video game Dead Space. And I'm probably going to enjoy the Dead Space novel, too. Enjoy a video game novel? Yeah. Why? Because it's written by Brian Evenson and it's called Martyr.

The video game revolves around a religion called Unitology. The followers of the massive religion believe that the Marker (a divine relic) will bring about eternal life. "The Church is noted for having many cult like features including ritual sacrifices and mass suicides" (via Dead Space Wiki). Sounds like a good world for Evenson to play in doesn't it? I thought so. Not to mention that the man who created Unitology is named Michael Altman. Altmann's tongue? Coincidence? Probably not, but still.

“One of the most compelling storytelling aspects of Dead Space has been the Church of Unitology: its origins, power, and role in Dead Space,” says Tor editor, Eric Raab. “Writer B.K. Evenson gets into the terrifying aspects of mob mentality like no other writer today. This isn’t only a great story within the Dead Space universe; it’s a great novel on its own.” (Via Kotaku).

The novel is being published by Tor Books and should be available soon (listed with a 7/20 release date on Macmillan).

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