time passes and now is other

I will listen and make sure I can hear you from where I am. With my big ears and your loud voice I will listen.

Nick Acosta has a new book 'Midnight Panic' at wordriot, check it out, I know I will when I get the funds. But I did buy his chapbook 'Rat Beast' by ML press, and that should be arriving by mail sometime soon, so when it does get here I will read it, and will probably be happy.

Books I've read recently: 'The Stranger' by Albert Camus/ 'Felix Holt, The Radical' by George Eliot/ 'The Sport of the Gods' by Paul Laurence Dunbar/ 'No Colony' by Various/ 'Pudd'nhead Wilson' by Mark Twain/ 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski/ 'Collected Poems' T.S Eliot/ 'Selected Poems' by W.H Auden/ Also I've been frequenting Elimae.com which I've enjoyed stories by Jimmy Chen, and Brandon Hobson.

And here is Allan Ginsberg reading his poem 'america'

...I will eat radio wire.

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congratulations about Spleen

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