I saw Watchmen a few days ago. The comic is one of my favorite graphic novels. The movie didn't capture the impending sense of doom and dread that the comic has on every page. It's a let down. In the movie I did like Rorschach, especially during the prison scenes. Also Dr. Manhattan's back story is portrayed well, in fact, it may be the best part of the film.

I'm about halfway through Haruki Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore,' and it is fantastic.

I read Brian Evenson's short story, 'They,' from MLP and enjoyed it. I also picked up, 'The Open Curtain,' also by Evenson, currently sitting on my bookshelf. I'll probably read it after I finish the Murakami book.

We can only hope that Alan Moore's 'Lost Girls' will be made into a movie next...

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