I've been enjoying tea lately, specifically chamomile.

It's a good feeling when someone says something nice about you, especially when it's on Amazon. The person mentions that they found typos in my story distracting, that is unfortunate because to my knowledge the typos only existed in a small number of the books that were printed as 'proof' copies and perhaps accidentally packaged and shipped with the final print of the book. Who knows? Anyway, the comment was nice.

Have a nice day.


Monklin said...

Have you tried Organic Apple Tea by Tazo? It's delicious.

ben spivey said...


I have not had the organic apple tea, but when I run out of the chamomile (at this rate that will be soon) I will be sure to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

davidpeak said...

Hi Ben,

I'm not sure how that happened. I just checked out my copy and your story was typo-free.

Sorry, man.

ben spivey said...


No worries. My understanding is that a small number of the 'proof' copies accidentally were shipped. It's not a problem anymore.