Gold Wake Press is publishing an excerpt from my unpublished novella, tentatively titled "Gossamer," (I have a few other titles in mind) in its next issue of Unscroll. I'm excited about this. I started writing the novella in January; I finished a first draft sometime in March, and have been revising it since, continuing to do so still. Revision is my favorite place to be. Like Hemingway said, “the first draft of anything is shit.”

The Featherproof book's dollar store show/tour is happening right now and it has a stop near Atlanta. I'll be attending, if anyone near the Atlanta area reads this, you should go too.

I want to point attention to Jamie Iredell's new chapbook, 'When I Moved to Nevada,' at Greying Ghost Press. It's a limited print so pick it up while you still can. Jamie will be at the Featherproof reading in Atlanta.

Jesse Ball's story 'The Well' in New York Tyrant Vol. 2 No. 6 has stuck with me since I read it a few weeks ago.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

I'll be there. It's gonna be a word party. Erebody gonna get fucked up!

ben spivey said...

Look forward to seeing you there. Drinks indeed.