J.A Tyler is a nice guy so checkout what he's doing with his novella THE ZOO, A GOING

This is a re-post from J.A. Tyler's blog from 7/26/09:

THE ZOO, A GOING & free free reading I have been inspired by stephen elliott, shya scanlon, & others letting folks read their full manuscripts, books, etc. for free, for the love of lit, because in the end I think we are all just looking for readers.

so in that spirit, THE ZOO, A GOING, my recently completed novel(la), will be posted at this new blog, one piece at a time, each piece up for only 24 hrs. & then deleted. just follow the blog & read one a day, like taking a vitamin. a chalky delicious fruity flavored flintstones vitamin.

I will post the entire novel(la) from a-z starting in a week or two: 76 pieces total, 76 days of reading. so spread the word, get people on board, the reading is about to begin. hope you enjoy.

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