Keyhole Issue 8

Keyhole Issue 8 is available for pre-order & it's only $10. It has an awesome cast of words, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Sheldon Lee Compton

The Problem with Stray Horses
Anne Valente

She Dreams of Oceans
Samantha Arlotta

I Wonder if Anyone Ever Really
Wins the Lottery and if They Do
I Wonder if Anything Really

Franky's old room
The Azusa Swap Meet
prayer for the little ghosts outside
his window

Cooper Renner

Encounter on a Ledge

Steven J. McDermott

Chicken Shit

Jamie Iredell

He was Legend
The fog
The party was in Simonville
The Drive

Robert Lopez

How to Mop a Kitchen Floor
Blind Betty to Her Baby Brother

Brian Allen Carr

Baby Grand Dangle

Deena November

Could've Been Me
Dead Society Finch
Imagine the moon
Pittsburgh Every Winter

William L. Alton

Lying in the Backyard, Sweating
The Odd Man Sitting In The Rain
Drinking Beer

A Couple Dances to the Blues

Jensen Beach

Anne-Marie Kinney

Ask Us Anything
Image and contents taken from Keyholemagazine.com


Peter Cole said...

thanks, Ben

ben spivey said...

Thanks for saying thanks Peter. I finished the issue a couple of days ago, keep it up.