the second print issue of corduroy mtn.

The Greying Ghost simply has some of the best looking chapbooks around, and this collection is sure to be beautiful. A classy, satisfying, one of a kind, must have, when it comes out sometime this fall. I can't wait to get it in my hands, and read all of the words.

I'm very happy to have a part of GOSSAMER included in the issue, it's one of my favorite scenes. David Peak was kind enough to mention GOSSAMER on his blog today, calling it a "Sparkling new novella." I e-mailed him an early, yet large part of the ms about a month back. That made me feel happy, thanks David. I've been working on the back half of the novella a lot; today I went though thirty pages: editing, shaping, birthing, fixing, and cutting. I think it's turning out nicely, molding into light, and deep, dreamy dreams.

Picture taken from the airforce joyride blog, here.

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