I bothered J. Michael Wahlgren and Eric Beeny, Gold Wake Press editors, when I noticed I'd sent them a slightly wrong version of excerpt from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold. The difference being two indentations and three sentences... but since they are so extremely nice they updated my piece, which gave the issue a different URL, sorry about that. I feel like I caused a problem for such small changes, but I am really happy with the changes.

Here's a story about this particular excerpt.

I originally sent this as part of a 3,000 word-ish excerpt to P.H. Madore at Dispatch. Madore turned around with one of the nicest rejections I've ever received, in a nutshell he said he couldn't use it, but thought it was a very strong submission and enjoyed the shit out of it, and forwarded his recommendation for the piece to Thieves Jargon.

A month and a half later I hear from Dan Scannell from Thieves Jargon and he too says that he liked it, that it was an admirable nod to Kafka, that it was loaded with great lines, but he had to pass and asked if I had anything else on the burner. But I didn't have anything else on the burner. I'm always working on Gossamer, and when I'm not working on Gossamer whatever it is ends up being a part of Gossamer.

Trying to decide what to do next I split the excerpt into two pieces. I sent the bottom half to Carl at Greying Ghost and they decided to publish it in Corduroy Mtn., issue two, which made me happy and I smiled because I love Greying Ghost.

Time passed and I thought about finding this excerpt a home. I tweaked it a little.

I sent it to Gold Wake Press and they picked it up, they published it, win.

I'm very happy that Gold Wake Press became the excerpt's home.

Unscroll III is solid from start to finish.

I'm honoured to have my piece included with such great talent.


I've started a micro press called Warm Milk Press with Jennifer Jackson Whitley and her Husband Kyle.

We're publishing 1-2 chapbooks per year as well as publishing words online in our lit journal. Our first chapbook is called Museum of Fucked, by David Peak, forthcoming early 2010 and our first online story is an excerpt from Lepers and Mannequins by Eric Beeny.

Online publication begins in November.

Feel free to send us your words.


Here's a story by Jennifer Jackson Whitley

Here's a story by Brandi Wells

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