I have a new story at Dogzplot Flash Fiction. Read the entire issue here: it has xtx, Howie Good, fellow Atlantian Matt DeBenedictis, Nate East, Tim Horvath, Ani Smith, and Gabe Durham.

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox on Thanksgiving. I liked it.

New piece by Greg Santos is up on Spilt Milk.

I'm going to see Nobuo Uematsu in Chicago. He's performing at the Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy concert. I saw the Dear Friends concert back in 2004. It was amazing. I'm so excited. Goddamn fan boy.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

I loved your piece in Dogzplot

ben spivey said...

Thanks Matt. I really appreciate it. Means a lot. Hope to see you around soon.