In 2009 I wrote a book. I've sent it to about a dozen publishers over the months, all pending responses. I'm very proud of it, I think it has a lot to say. I'm most excited about a piece of it forthcoming in Greying Ghost's Corduroy Mountain print volume 2, sometime next year.

This by Eric Beeny
This by Brandi Wells
This by Audri Sousa

CONGRATULATIONS! THERE'S NO LAST PLACE IF EVERYONE IS DEAD by Matt DeBenedictis is up for pre-order, get it while it's hot.

I am now engaged. I am about to be a year older. I have started writing a new novel. I read the Failure Six on Christmas (you should read it too, before next Christmas). Currently reading Children of God and a couple pages of Infinite Jest before I sleep. Playing Final Fantasy 4 on the DS. Watched Cache. Working. Working. About to graduate from college...

David Peak and I are working on a Museum of Fucked contest, stay tuned, win some shit.

I am excited about J.A. Tyler's forthcoming books.

I am going to buy Justin Taylor's book with a Barns and Noble gift card.

Will Final Fantasy 13 suck?

I think about Ken Baumann writing the Log script.


Eric Beeny said...

Thanks, Ben...

ben spivey said...

I love that story Eric.

Brandi Wells said...

thanks for link.

i'm reading failure six right now.

ben spivey said...

I think that you will live it Brandi.