Museum of Fucked around the web:

Dan Wickett said: "Warm Milk Printing Press sent me the copy of David Peak's chapbook, Museum of Fucked, that I'd ordered earlier in the week. Been reading too many great things about this one to not place an order."

From the idiom: "There’s a guilt in the grit, a sense of wanting better for the city, and at the same time a sense of powerlessness in the narrator’s ability to make anything any better for anyone—a feeling of disenfranchisement that puts the narrator on a similar level as those he’s observing. It is this that brings a sense of connection and fear throughout, a recognition that any of us could be any of the people exhibited in the museum—the crazies, the kids, the blind hype."


Spilt Milk is up and running in 2010 and we've started the year with a new story by the mighty Kenneth Radu. Kenneth has a collection of short stories coming out this year from DC Books Montreal. Look for that.


I ordered a subscription to MLP's 2010 novel(la)s. Two books, one by Ben Brooks and the other by Sasha Fletcher. Looking forward to reading them.

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