I've decided that I'm going to try to get into a MFA program.


I'm looking into freelance video game journalism.

Looking into marketing.

Book reviewing.

Looking into hospital work.

Writing stories but not submitting.

Working on Blue Square Press.

Looking for readings in the South around August-November of this year. Let me know if you can help with that.

People with cats:

Haruki Murakami is almost my favorite.

Make me feel different.



Matt DeBenedictis said...

Thumbs up. For numerous things.

Brandi Wells said...


Eric Beeny said...

I wish I knew the first thing about MFA programs, or anything for that matter. Video game journalism sounds fun. Good luck with your search, Ben...

Ben Spivey said...

Thanks Matt. Drink soon?

Huzzah! Right back at ya. How's your MFA program going Brandi?

The search so far is not much fun. But my hopes are high.

Brandi Wells said...

I start in August. So I'm still working on moving, saving money, etc.

Good luck with apps. Applying to grad school is exactly zero fun. Start early.