The Internet is Vast and Infinite

It can be hard to find a place. I wonder where I will be a year from now. I'm applying to MFA programs (a lot of them are not accepting applications for a few more months) but I'm preparing for that. I'm thankful for Atlanta. I am thankful for other places I might visit or live.

A porcelain cat face next to a drawing statue and I can't decide anymore, not now.

-Check out Barry Graham's fictions at Elimae

-At The Velvet podcast Caleb Ross interviewed Blake Butler. Enjoyed the talking about digital books and physical books and design and nostalgia and new stuff. "Central hubs." Indie vs. big publishing house.

I am always fearing a knock. I am waiting for the blood from the floor. The rugs are frayed. There is no mother that can find me here. Smooth glass harbor the night. Falling again in heat.

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