Blue Square Press News

1. The Flowing in the Gossamer Fold book release party in Atlanta is being hosted by the Solar Anus reading series (Blake Butler, Amy McDaniel, Jamie Iredell) and the Beep Beep Gallery. The release is at Beep Beep--there will be a raffle, a DJ, cocktails, beer, a reading, etc. It's from 7pm to 9pm, August 29th. If you are in Atlanta I hope that you attend.

2. Powell's Books is now carrying Flowing. Thank you Powell's.

3. BSP submissions are open until the end of the month.

4. David Peak and I will announce our second book soon. I can't wait. Can you?

5. Peak did a reading for Apostrophe Cast which you can listen to today.

6. Paul Kincaid wrote a review of Peak's novel, The Rocket's Red Glare over at Big Other.
"One of the unexpected delights of writing for Big Other has been the occasional book that has come my way as a result, books that I probably wouldn’t have seen or even heard of any other way.

Two that I have been meaning to write about for some weeks now (except that other things got in the way, sorry guys) were Metrophilias by Brendan Connell (Better Non Sequitur Press) and The Rocket’s Red Glare by David M. Peak (Leucrota Press). Both are excellent, both are well worth reading, and I commend them to your attention without hesitation."


matt debenedictis said...

These are all good things to exist.

Mel Bosworth said...

this is all the bizness.

Ben Spivey said...

Matt, You are a good thing to exist.

Mel, You know how we do.