Origin Story: An Interview With David Peak in Knee-Jerk Issue # 14

Not only is David Peak a rad dude, a fantastic writer and friend, but he's also the co-editor/ founder of Blue Square Press. There' s an interview with Peak in the most recent issue of Knee-Jerk that should not be missed--he talks about BSP's inception, independent, literary video games, some of our inspirations, and small press stuff in general.

"Ben and I were both published in a genre anthology a few years back. I read his story--a really taut, visionary piece of sci-fi--and loved it so much that I wrote him an email, telling him so. We stayed in touch after that, eventually started exchanging writing, venting our frustrations/successes with getting published. Now I consider him a very dear friend.

All the while, he had this book he was working on. He'd send me pieces and I'd give him notes. I thought it was incredible, one of the best books I'd ever read. I didn't want to see it slip through the cracks--like so many good books do. So I emailed him one morning and I was like, I want to start a press with you and I think our first book should be yours."

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