One of Those 2010 Posts

Usually people say "xxxx year was good."

2010 was good.

Fat french fries a lot. Wasabi-mayo.

Ton of nachos, favorite were 1/2 bbq 1/2 chicken.

Rodents living in ceiling, making their way through.

Had it snowed while I was gone? It was snowing. And I felt that cold with my hands.

Knocks at the door at odd hours. I say "Who is it?" No one responds, but more knocking. 7:00 AM. 11:00 PM.

1. Flowing in the Gossamer Fold at Annalemma is on a list of "Noteworthy books read (in chronological order)."

2. Mike Young said "Not bad, pretty Lutz-y."

watched these people read: zs, em, ks, md, hc, cd, bb, ji, am, jb, at, ...

The new room was blue. The owner did not allow me to paint it. I signed my name on a line that said I wouldn't.

Putting the final touches on Jack Boettcher's debut novel.

Best book David Peak read this year was a good choice. I think I read it in 1995. Had some fun WADs and 56k deathmatches.

3. Dennis Cooper listed Museum of Fucked as one of his favorite fictions of 2010.

Flames in all directions. Kept feeding. Offered the entire house. Under the fire and into the floor—into the hideout not even the house knew to swallow.

"I think everyone in the country should have to do a year in the hole," G.G Allin.

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