Mud Luscious Press /// A Friend in Need

Do you remember when Mud Luscious Press announced the chapbook Y2K by Ken Baumann? What about Rat Beast by Nick Antosca, or They by Brian Evenson?
Do you remember when they announced We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry?
Do you remember when they announced books by Ben Brooks, Sasha Fletcher, Norman Lock, Michael Stewart, Mathis Stewart, Gregory Sherl, or Matt Bell?
Do you remember when they birthed a NEPHEW? With titles by Andrew Borgstrom, Robert Kloss, Darby Larson and forthcoming Brandi Wells.

MLP is a large reason (maybe the largest reason) that I founded Blue Square Press with my dear friend David Peak. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, I love MLP. They are aggressive, daring and beautiful.

For the past seven years they have been doing what they do best. Moving forward by publishing literature that only they could publish. When MLP took BSP under their umbrella I shouted for joy.  Now they need our help. It's best summed up straight from the horse's mouth: "We need to raise roughly $2000 to continue our release schedule of the next 2 novel(la)s and the next 2 Nephew titles. Seriously, or Mud Luscious Press may tank. For real." So how can you help?  

First, pre-order the new Nephew POISONHORSE by Brandi Wells, which puts money directly into MLP's coffers http://mudlusciouspress.com/nephew/

Second, buy a backlist title from SPD.  

or Amazon  

or Powell's  

or maybe a bundle of NEPHEWS at a fantastic price (http://mudlusciouspress.com/books/deals-and-bundles/). 

Third, if you are lousy with wealth, maybe just paypal them a little donation or something, to keep them healthily operating (send to jatyler@mudlusciouspress.com).

I donated $50 and I wish I could donate more. Please consider picking up one or more of their amazing titles today. Why not spend that $10 you'd throw away at a shitty bar and receive good Karma and a good book?

And remember, when you support MLP you're not only supporting one great publisher but two.


Jes said...

Thanks to a tweet from Milkweed Press (a local indie publisher in my neighborhood) I found this post and bought two back titles from SPD. Good luck!! I wish I could buy more/do more. I will keep checking back and buying books whenever I can!

Ben Spivey said...

Thanks Jes! We sincerely appreciate it.