Guest Post: Michael J Seidlinger's 'My Pet Serial Killer' Blog Tour

Alias/Known As: “The Preserver”

Real name: Ben Spivey

Number of victims: 11


~Targeted customers of a local franchise restaurant where employed as head chef. 

~Fed victims food treated with a quick acting drug inducing effects akin to inebriation. 

~Offered to drive victims home; those that agreed were never seen from again. 

~Upon slipping into a deep sleep, victims were wrapped / smothered and set in plastic.

~Selected portions were preserved and later used in daily specials at the restaurant. 

~Remainders of wrapped bodies were portioned out into small pieces and disposed of in a dozen locations across the tri-state area.

Be Mine:

“I try and try and try and he still won’t tell me what they taste like afterwards. He’s eager to let me know what he did to them to make her, every side of her, unique, but when it comes down to the way they taste on second suck, second lick, second insertion, he’s stopping short, falling silent, moving on to the next one and then the one after that. What does she taste like after her breath falls and her heart stops?”

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