Review of Black God

I am very thankful to T.C. Porter for writing such a thoughtful review of, Black God for Sundog Lit. This is the type of review that would make any writer feel "understood."  Thank you T.C. for the kind words and for the time you put into this.

"[Spivey's] work is rich in illusory, allegorical or metaphorical imagery. A single or double read falls short. I found myself spending an hour (a day) on a page. The result is a more collaborative experience between author and reader, because much is left to imagine. And long after the reading, we might share Spivey’s (Cooper’s) experience..."

"...we are still left to ponder our very interface with all of existence, our senses, and the nature of reality as we sense it, and the role of art in the process." 

The full review is here.

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