The Knox Writers’ House, a List, a List.


Three rad students from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois (Sam Conrad, Emily Oliver and Bryce Parsons-Tweston) came to my house today to record my voice. They started driving around the Midwest in June talking to over 80 writers about their work, recording audio poems and stories in each place they stopped. Now they're in the South. This massive project will result in an impressive collection of voices that will be presented and archived on their eventual website "The Knox Writers' House." They are backed by grants and stuff. They sleep on couches. They are super nice.

They recorded me reading the following: Excerpted chapters from Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 & 11 (the book has 40 chapters). Two short stories: Tattered, Velvet, Ocean & Smother.

They also ask each writer they record to read somethings from people they admire: I read dolemite by Sean Kilpatrick, Three Boys Who Thought Experimental Fiction Was For Pussies by Dennis Cooper, and The Well by Jesse Ball.

I'll let you know when the recordings are up, probably sometime early to mid next year. I don't want to spoil the surprise but when The Knox Writers’ House launches you're going to be treated to some awesome stuff.


Maybe consider subscribing to the 2011 Mud Luscious complete print collection.


Maybe consider adding Flowing in the Gossamer Fold to your goodreads queue, that would be nice.


Robot Melon.


Blue Square Press is very excited about Jack Boettcher's forthcoming book Theater-State. We'll have a lot more information about it at the beginning of the new year.


I started a collaboration thing with Brandi Wells.


The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge.


Dogfish Head 90 min IPA.


A lot of fires. It is cold.


All of her teeth were scattered.
And then people were holding them like diamonds.


Burnaway authors on art: Shane Jones, Heather Christle.





Robert Lopez


Happy holidays.


A full plate of pulled pork bbq nachos was a bad idea. 1/2 plate would have sufficed.


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Ben Spivey said...

The next day I ate a plate of chicken and beef nachos for lunch and for dinner I made turkey nachos.

davidpeak said...

i got halfway through super castlevania 4 on the unlockable hard mode before i realized that the only difference was that the bosses had more HP and it was getting annoying so i quit and now i'm playing castlevania III and it's fucking brutally difficult and i'm stuck about halfway through. it's a terrible night to have a curse :(

Ben Spivey said...

Sounds like a terrible trip. I remember planing SOTN and getting to the "first" ending and being super surprised about who the final battle was with, but that I didn't get some item during the play that would have flipped the castle and let you play through all new rooms toward the REAL final boss and true ending. I haven't gone back to replay it. I should.